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Truckload Shipping: for all of your large orders, generally for cargo surpassing the 25K lb/11 tons, or the equivalent of 24 feet or more.

We will provide all the logistic transportation you will need within the USA or Canada.

US Transport Network, Inc., will handle all of your truckloads door to door with access to over four hundreds 53 feet Trailers Nationwide and abroad.

Why US Transport Network, Inc. for yours Full Trucks?

Our team at US Transport Network, Inc. (USTN) is pleased to offer you a full service in truckload market (FTL).  We have developed a partnership with our experience drivers.

Our fully trained fleet will pick up and deliver your freight on time and safely.

US Transport Network, Inc. offers National and Canadian Coverage with price quoting second to none.

And remember, one of our freight experts is always available with helpful advice or an individual price quotes or use online quote requests.

We will answer all of your questions in a professional manner.  

We have several ways for you to contact us with any question:

By phone at 305-863-8777

By E-mail at

By Live Chat from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at our Website

Next time you need full truck load (FTL) service, give US Transport Network, Inc. the chance to prove what we are all about.

US Transport Network, Inc. specialize in full truck load (FTL) services. We provide wide area coverage from Canada to Mexico. We have a proven experience to excel in the Transportation Industry.