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Why choose US Transport Network, Inc for your Auto/Car Transportation or Shipping Needs?

We are the most experience door-to-door Auto Shipping Company; we will make the process easy and smooth.

Our door to door Service coverage is as Follows: USA and Canadian, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.(USVI)

Let our experienced customer service representatives help you with all of your questions.

How Does US Transport Network, Inc. go about transporting your car?

Request quotes online and book it as well, or call us at 305-863-8777. We do have Live Chat with us online, or send us your request to  to set up your Auto Shipping.

Rates will be all included:  taxes, fuel surcharges and no hidden fees.

We broker to over 5,000 pre-approved independent truck owners or carriers, all of whom are licensed and insured. It is the only way to service the entire country and do it fast.

The online quotes work over 90% of the time, picking up within one week of the first date available, especially if transporting from one major metropolitan area to another.